Exploration Management

Establishing your company in a different country with the concomitant time zone and language difficulties takes time, effort and can cost a lot. We offer services in the definition and implementation of exploration programs and project establishment. We can assist with the acquisition of licences and initial sampling and/or technical studies and reviews. We can assess projects for both geological and non-geological risk factors, helping your company build an exciting portfolio in a strongly under-explored jurisdiction. We can assist in notification, communication and management of exploration activities within Norway. We can provide geological and geochemical expertise in defining exploration programs and in analysing the data that is acquired.


Problem solving

Where deposits are held in complex structural terranes, it can be hard to identify and isolate the key elements of the structure and its history in order to understand their interactions and impact on mineralisation. Location and style can be intimately dependent on timing and distribution of deformation phases and these can be hard to untangle when you have limited exposure and field data.

Specialist Assessments and Models

Our team have doctoral-level experience of both small scale deformation and large scale structures and decades of structural geological consulting experience. We can help you dissect, analyse and understand your data and build a model that accurately describes your project's potential.


Collaborative services offered by Transition Elements and XploreGlobal

Transition Elements and Xplore Global have come together to create a new consulting service, allowing you to access integrated, cross-discipline analysis and model definition for your project. Together we can build your geochemical and structural data into a consistent, coherent model to predict optimum locations and focus your exploration strategy.

Mineralised fluids are actively mobilised by structural activity, allowing enrichment and deposit of metals in host lithologies, alteration haloes and vein systems. Structural analysis provides a better handle on ore distribution, ore/waste boundaries and controlling features. Geochemical analysis builds understanding of the distribution, relationships, tracers and dispersal pattern of enrichment. Both are key to building a robust and confident understanding of your deposit.

Exploration Geology and Geochemistry

  • Specialist advice on all matters related to prospecting, field exploration operations, geochemical exploration techniques, QAQC
  • Comprehensive evaluation of surface geochemical and drilling datasets beyond commonly practised univariate anomaly detection
  • Integration of mineralogical techniques to inform on geochemical signatures and vice versa
  • Delineation of mineralogical and mineral system signatures from geochemical and geological data
  • Advice and best practice implementation of orientation studies and other field surveys
  • Training of local team in GIS, ioGas and other packages.

Structural Geology

  • Regional to local structural interpretations of geophysical, outcrop and borehole datasets
  • Development of a structural evolution and ore deposit model
  • Development of a mineralising fluid flow and distribution model
  • Integrated exploration targeting and mineral prospectivity mapping in GIS
  • 3D geological modelling in standard or specialist software

We strive to improve your exploration workflows and targeting and to help you understand the practical implications of ore body formation. We combine experienced, expert geochemical and structural analysis to create a robust, predictive understanding of your project

Benedikt Steiner

  • QP, (PERC/JORC/NI43-101)
  • Geochemical analysis
  • International and Norwegian exploration experience
  • Field and class course leader