Evidence-based optimism

Building and proving technological solutions for accelerated exploration

Transition Elements is a new technology company in the metals exploration space. We are developing a data acquisition and analysis system that substantially reduces the time taken to locate deposits of energy transition and battery metals. The difference in development times between battery factories (2 years), and mines (10 years), will be a serious problem in effecting a smooth transition to low-carbon energy systems. As the supply of key metals becomes restricted, rapid, accurate identification of new resources will become essential.

Lithium Systems Modelling

Commercial lithium brine accumulations result from the interaction and balance between water, lithium sources, and the physical environment. Inspired by the the petroleum systems thinking that transformed hydrocarbon exploration workflows, the lithium systems approach develops a risked genetic model for the deposit. The lithium systems model is a powerful predictive tool around which to quantify and plan a lithium project. Understanding deposit formation gives insights into the impact of production on the environment, and on the bottom line. With a quantified lithium systems models, you can plan your project. With a deeper understanding, you know how good your plan is.

Geological Map

The geological treasure chest

Norwegian geology holds a host of valuable battery metals. In beautiful but challenging terrain, exploration success will unlock secure, sustainable reserves of vital metals such as cobalt and graphite.

The technological key

Analysis of remotely-acquired data such as lidar, satellite and geophysical data gives better coverage and enhances our ability to understand the local context. More data and better analysis means better maps and deeper understanding