The best way to predict the future is to create it

The window of opportunity

Transition Elements is a geological technology company, bringing applied computing to exploration. The rate of growth in the new energy economy, founded on renewables and battery storage, is following a technology adoption trend. Demand for raw materials will grow similarly and the stress on the mining industry will be severe.

Renewable energy sources are unlimited, and our energy needs grow inexorably. The pinch point is the supply of materials that fulfill those needs. Currently metal deposits are hard to identify, few anomalies become projects and the time taken to validate is counted in years.

A new normal

To satisfy the coming demand, we need to find more, faster, and bring it to production quicker. The penalties of not satisfying that demand are not just missed business opportunities but deepening climate change, and a tougher, less stable world to live in.

Transition Elements is working to adapt existing techniques from one resource sector for use in a different context. We have extensive development skills and experience in software design and specification. Our experience both in the physical realm and in 'box-jumping' means we are ideally placed to identify relevance and supercharge the development process by re-designing the vehicle to meet the task, rather than reinventing, wheels and all.